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Starting Your New Business

Everyone needs a little help in navigating the early days of getting their business started.

Naturally, you’ll be concentrating on actually doing whatever it is that your new business does.

But there’s also all those other things that get in the way when starting a new business: doing the marketing that will help you find your customers and orders; issuing invoices; managing your finances; the list continues to grow and grow. Starting a business isn’t exactly easy and managing your time effectively becomes even more demanding.

The tools and resources and industry insight tips and help that our Start Up information offers is invaluable in getting you through the flurry of things, your new business will face. It is a hub of resources to help you get started and get your business off the ground.

Local success stories

Tools and Resources

Industry Insights

Business Continuity Planning

A business continuity plan (BCP) is a document, which sets out procedures or actions to be taken if a business is not able to conduct its day-to-day operations due to an unexpected disruption event. A flooding incident may cause a serious loss of production or service provision to your customers...

How to Approach Your Bank for Financing for your Business

Sourcing Business Finance  For small business owners, obtaining business finance is a major hurdle and many small businesses are un-prepared for the amount of business and cashflow planning required for finance applications. However, availing of outside financing is often a...

What do lenders consider when making decisions?

Stacking the odds in your favour. The approach adopted by lenders vary. Some have very complex models with sophisticated algorithms that calculate how good a borrower you are based on both information which you provide to them, such as your financial forecasts, and informa...