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Conor Lambe

Economic Research

My name is Conor Lambe and I am the Economist at Danske Bank. I am responsible for the Bank’s economic research and forecasts, write regular opinion pieces for the Northern Irish media and frequently speak at local business events.

Economic research is a useful tool for many businesses. It can help you to understand what is driving recent trends in the economy, whether these trends are likely to continue, and what the implications of these trends could be for you.
In this section I will provide a number of updates, these include:


Conor Lambe - Danske Bank Economist

Conor Lambe (Economist at Danske Bank)

Quarterly Sectoral Forecasts

This report explains how we think the economy will perform over the next two years, which sectors are projected to grow the fastest and our expectations for the labour market over the short-term. For small businesses, this information can be a useful input when planning for the next couple of years.

Consumer Confidence Index

This tracks how confident consumers are about, for example, their future finances, their job security and the amount they plan to spend on high value items in the year ahead. Many small businesses sell directly to households, so it is important that they have some insight into how consumers are feeling.

Quarterly Economic Overview

This provides an in-depth look at the UK and Northern Ireland economies and examines recent movements in indicators such as economic output, inflation, employment levels, unemployment rates and house prices. This provides small businesses with a useful snapshot of the economic and business environment.

One of these reports will be published on the hub each month and I would encourage you to take time to digest the content and think about how it relates to your business and your plans for future growth.

Conor Lambe

Economist at Danske Bank

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Conor's Quarterly Reports

Consumer Confidence Index

Quarterly Sectoral Forecast Q4 2017

Northern Ireland experienced sluggish growth in 2017, with the economy estimated to have grown by just 1.1%. The lack of an Executive and Brexit-related uncertainty has created a climate that is holding back investment and lowering consumer confidence. While inflation is expected to gradually de...

Quarterly Sectoral Forecasts

Northern Ireland Quarterly Sectoral Forecasts 2018 Q1

Economic growth to remain modest with NI economy forecast to grow by 1.0% in 2018 GVA in Northern Ireland is forecast to grow by 1.0% in 2018, lower than the 1.6% growth in real GDP expected in the UK. Local consumer spending growth is projected to pick up slightly as the squeeze on spending...

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