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Security considerations for Customers

When you’re carrying, lodging or withdrawing large volumes of cash, we suggest that you follow these few tips to make sure you stay safe and secure at all times.

Because not all of you will be able to use companies like Securicor, it’s important that you make life as difficult as possible for any potential criminals, many of whom don’t work during the day and are fully willing to spend their time scoping out banks and regular visitors, such as you!

You can, of course, be vigilant and take a few common-sense steps to protect you and your money:

· Even though it may seem harmless, don’t even tell your family or friends that you’re going to the bank.

· If it isn’t too much trouble, you might want to consider lodging smaller amounts so if the worst did happen, you wouldn’t lose as much.

· Go to different branches, at different times, in different vehicles – in short, vary your routine (you can also lodge and withdraw money at the Post Office). You might want to think about parking in new places too.

· Be vigilant – if something seems suspicious, it probably is. Have a look around the area before you get out of your car for anyone who looks shifty or any vehicles that are sitting with their engines running.

· Have company – the more of you there are, the more difficult it is for any thieves to guess which one of you is carrying cash, and the less likely they’ll decide to make a play for you.

· Cover up your uniform, if you wear one, and any security passes that identify where you work. Especially if that workplace deals with money!